Turn on the good mood.

Striking, convenient and cost-effective: That’s™



Supported Systems™ works fine in your home, a small café or in the luxury hotel industry. There are several ways to receive our programs: With a webbrowser, an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), a Sonos multiroom system or our well proven Barix networkplayer.

Technical Requirements™ is transmitted over the internet. So all you need is internet connectivity with enough bandwith available *), and of course a connection to your music system.

*) to be precise: 80kbps of bandwith per channel are needed™


Programs™ offers over 50 music programs right out of the box. Our professional DJ’s take care about the playlists every day. In case you only have a small budget: We also offer a starter package with 5 music programs for an entry price.

Full choice: Our program groups

All Around The World

This group contains music channels from every corner of the world. Whether it be folk, mediterranean or even more exotic: you’ll get the right mood with these sounds.

All That Jazz

Our jazz flavoured programs range from traditional to modern smooth jazz.

- Jazz: Aficionado (Latin Jazz)
- Jazz: Easy
- Jazz: Serious
- Jazz: Smooth


music channels with that certain electric touch!

- Chillout
- Dance
- Deep House
- Electronic Breaks
- House Hits
- Lounge

Enjoyable Classics

Our classical music programs reach from light symphonical tunes to festive sounds.

- Classic Festive
- Classic Opera
- Classic Piano
- Classic Strings

In The Mood

These channels are very special: they happen to be mood channels with nothing but noise. These soundscapes let you create a perfect acustical scenery, reaching from gentle wind to whale sounds and bonfire.


Our largest group of programs! Popular music in many different flavours, spanning from alternative and funk to lovesongs and reggae tunes.

Relaxing & Soothing

Get your guests relaxed with the channels from this group!

- Baby Lullabies
- Newage Asia
- Newage Calm
- Newage Spa
- Spa Lounge

Inexpensive and yet striking: The starter package

starter package

For the small budget we offer five of the most loved programs in one package.

- Charts
- Jazz: Smooth
- Lounge
- Love
- Softpop™


We broadcast over the internet. Since everyone has internet access today,™ reception is simple. There are several ways to bring the bits and bytes of our music to your speakers. Let us introduce them to you now.

iOS® App

Do you use an iPad, iPod (touch) or iPhone as a source for music? Great! All you then need is our™ app, and off you go with the complete menu of our music programs.


Ever wanted to play different music on different locations within your business? Are you looking for smart, wireless loudspeakers with powerful sound? Then Sonos might be the right system for you.

More info on Sonos

Sonos is a revolutionary wireless music system that lets you place nice looking and yet powerful loudspeakers all across your house. You can group several players to zones just with a fingertip.™ is also available on Sonos as a fully integrated music service.

To install, simply access the “more music” menu on your Sonos controller and choose “”. Add your username and password and you are ready to go! Instantly, you have access to all program groups from your subscription.


Barix networkplayer

The smart network devices from swiss manufacturer Barix have been successfuly implemented in numerous projects. The slick players can be easily integrated in any existing audio systems.

More info on the Barix networkplayer

Barix networkplayers can be used in various ways. They are low on power consumption (<10W) and provide a nifty backup system, so music even plays when network connection is lost. System integrators highly appreciate the open architecture of the devices, making it possible to control them through professional systems such as AMX® or Crestron®.


The most simple way: start your webbrowser, choose your channel, let the music play! Of course the audio output of your computer must be connected with the music system.

More info on the webplayer

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Are you currently playing your music through your computer to the music system? Then you will surely like our simplest installation: Start your webbrowser, and you’re done! However, we recommend that you use a modern browser like Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Adobe Flash is also required.™